Our Mission

KholoBeauty is dedicated to the beauty professional. Khulood Aljrayed Together with industry professional Stevn Thomas provides products and technologies that are safe, eco-responsible, animal friendly and highly effective. Knowing that everything we put on the skin and hair affects the entire body, KholoBeauty ethically sources the finest clean ingredients the industry has to offer. 

We believe in tangible results you can see and feel. 

In our certified production ateliers we create professional cosmetics that have an emphasis on Selective Beneficial, Food-Grade, Pharma-Selective active ingredients. This results in extraordinary quality, purity, highly concentrated, and effective formulas that are a rarity in the cosmetics world today. 

All of our original formulas are created and tested by industry professionals on real people — never on animals.



About KholoBeauty


KholoBeauty combines the best from Eastern and Western philosophies into one holistic beauty culture created for top-level professionals.

Modern scientific technology in synergy with traditional botanical alchemy creates superior cosmetic creations for the renovation and therapy of hair and skin. 

KholoBeauty brings you exclusive and ethical products that are dermatologically tested safe, vegan-friendly and eco-sustainable.

We believe in tangible, beautiful results you can see and feel. 


“I love, I dream, I live and breath the beauty industry”… 

“I hold a passion and empathy in my heart for the beauty professional.

My mission is to search and provide the most exquisite technologies and products the industry has to offer.” 


Kholoud Aljorayed

About Khulood

Kholoud aljorayed (Khulood) originally from Kuwait, has achieved international notoriety and success. A child of art, Kholoud discovered her natural talent and passion for hair fashion at 14 years of age assisting her mother in her mother’s beauty salon.

After she finished her university education in psychology, Kholoud returned to her first passion and attained her diploma in 2006 from the Authority for Applied Education and Training in Kuwait recognized as accredited hairstylist, esthetician and makeup artist.

She immediately opened her first beauty salon where she enjoyed success and during this time she toured Europe and USA working in collaboration with international celebrities from the beauty industry.

Due to Kholoud’s desire to share her knowledge, she produces many educational events and training courses all over Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Oman and provides advanced training seminars and lectures in numerous professional universities and institutes for beauty and cosmetology.

Kholoud has received awards and accolades as spokeswomen and ambassador for international brands such as Philip Martins, iam4u, Big Professional, Dickson, Lakme, Kimono, Usina to name a few.