OpalBlonde Neutral Lightening Oil 400ml


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KholoColor OpalBlonde Brightening Oil enriched with KholoPlex is suitable for all hair types. Its ammonia-free

formula with certified organic oils lightens gently and evenly, leaving hair hydrated, soft, shiny and iridescent.

Its formula allows optimal lightening results while nourishing and hydrating hair. Contains oils and natural

extracts for gentle protection, and won’t dry or expand on the hair during processing. Easy to mix and apply,

KholoColor OpalBlonde Brightening oil is rich in emollient and emulsifying agents and offers a quick and uniform

highlighting up to 4 levels. DIRECTIONS: Mixing ratio 1:1 up to 1:2 with developer. Mix in a non-metallic bowl.

Apply to dry hair. Timing: Up to 60 minutes. Check hair every 10 minutes for desired lightening result. Rinse hair

well after application, Post-Color shampoo and Post-Color conditioner.