OpalBlonde Ultra-Lightening White Powder 500gr


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KholoColor has developed a new powder lightener that ensures 9-10 levels of lift with superior protective properties.

This new KholoPlex Bond Building Bleach leaves hair incredibly soft and the hair structure remains supple and elastic

even after total lightening. This low ammonia, MEA-free formulation adheres well, at 74°F ideal ambient temperature

does not swell or expand preventing overlap. For extra lightening capacity, evenly apply gentle warmth up to 98°F

(27°C). Now you can go lighter and still maintain the perfect integrity, vibrancy and quality of their hair strands with

guaranteed results!

DIRECTIONS: Mix OpalBlonde bleach with developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio (1 part bleach to 2 parts developer) and

evenly apply ample product to hair where lightening is required. Directions for use: the recommended mixing ratio is

1:2 / can be used with 10vol. (3%) – 20vol (6%) – 30 vol. (9%) or 40 vol. (12%) cream developer.

This product ensures 6/7 levels of lift in 45’ and up to 8/9 levels in 90’ at room temperature (22°C), or up to 9-10 levels

(ZERO-COLOR LEVEL) in 90’-110’ evenly applying gentle warmth at 37-39°C (body temperature).

ZERO-COLOR level is also possible at room temperature: apply the emulsion and process for 90’, then gently remove

excess emulsion from the hair and apply new fresh emulsion to reactive existing emulsion and process for another 20

minutes. Check the hair frequently during processing until you obtain the desired level of lift. As soon as desired result

is achieved rinse hair thoroughly with warm water, apply Post-Color shampoo and follow with Post-Color Mask.